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Botanical Name :Pimpinella Anisum
Plant Part :Seed
Country of Origin :China
Blends Well With :Essential oils are known to blend well with each other. Anise star oil mixes well with cardamom, coriander and fennel oil. The oil also diffuses perfectly with rosewood, caraway, petit grain and dill oil. Mandarin oil easily mixes with anise oil.
Color & Odor :Almost colorless to very pale yellow color the herb possesses Licorice odor.
Method of Extraction :Steam Distillation
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Anise Star is obtained from an evergreen tree and it belongs to the Magnolia or Illiciaceae botanical family. Its botanical name is Illicium Verum. This tree is highly grown in some regions of China & Vietnam and thus it is also known as the Chinese Anise Star. Southwest China & Northeast Vietnam were the particular areas that had dominated the whole market of Anise stars for many years. But now it is grown in many parts of the whole Asia. In India, it is grown in the regions of Arunachal Pradesh & Eastern Ghats of Kerela. This is a large tree that achieves a height of 20-30 feet. The reddish-brown woody fruit of this tree resembles the shape of a star and thus it is called an Anise Star fruit.

This tree also bears mild yellow colored flowers and lance-like leaves. Anise star Oil is extracted through the Steam distillation process. The fruit of the Anise star is harvested before it ripens and then dried in the sun before putting into the distillation. After processing, It turns into a thin liquid, which is colorless to pale yellow. The constituent of Trans Anetholis highly present in it in the amount of 70-95% & the rest of all other constituents are Cinnamyl Acetate, Anisaldehyde, Foeniculin, Linalool, Limonene, Nerolidol, methyl Chavicol, Quercetin, (E)- anethole, Trans Anethol, Gallic Acid, Shikimic Acid. It has a Fresh, Beautiful, strong & sharp aroma that resembles the aroma of Black licorice.

It contains therapeutic properties like Diueretic, Carminative, Anaesthetic, Stimulative, Antispasmodic, and antiseptic, and because of these properties, it helps in curing respiratory & digestive problems. The oil extracted from it is used for several purposes. It has been brought to London in the 17th century and has been referred to as Siberian Cardamom. Europeans are using to form Liquors using this Oil. Sambuca, Pastis, Absinthe, Galliano etc. It has been brought to Europe by an English sailor in the last 1500s. It has been used for centuries in the culinary industry, especially in Indian Culinary.  The use of Anise Stars is Prehistoric. People in the ancient world used it to support their digestive system. 

They used to chew the seeds of the Anise star every for better digestion. Japanese consider the Anise Star tree a sacred one and they use it to grow it in their temples, tombs & sacred places. Japanese people were also using the bark of this tree to make incense. Ancient Greek & Romans have been used Anise star Oil to make tea which is helpful to treat Rheumatism. They have also used it to boost the immune system, stimulate the mood & boost energy. They have also been used to relieve joint & muscle pain and to promote quality sleep. Due to its stimulating effects, for more than three millenniums, It has been used in China to make Chinese Medicines to treat digestive & respiratory issues. It is a favorite spice of Indian households and is commonly called Chakra Phool in India. This Oil is widely used to treat several health problems. Other than its therapeutic uses, It is highly used to make FMCG products.


  • Liquor Industries: This Oil is extensively used in the Liquor Industry to form alcoholic beverages, spirits, liquor, and Cordials. It is a famous ingredient in the Liquor industry in a variety of Hard drinks. Countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, France, etc are using this oil to make their Famous drinks.

  • Toiletries: It is a key ingredient in forming many toiletries. These industries used to manufacture a range of Shampoos, Soaps, toothpaste, and Mouthwash. Anise star Oil is safe to use for Kids. Thus, Kids' care products are also made using this oil. This oil helps in treating Lice and Thus Anti Lice Shampoo & Anti lice Hair oil are also made using this.

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry: This Oil contains several health Care Properties. It contains antiseptic, Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and fungal actions. Due to these properties, this oil is extensively used in the Pharma Industry to manufacture several medications.


  • Massage: Massage using this oil works wonders on your body. In case of exhaustion, fatigue & stiffness. Just mix a few drops of Anise star oil with the carrier oil of your choice and Massage your whole body & head using this Oil. It calms the senses and relaxed your mind and body. Any type of Digestion problem can also be cured by massaging it on the stomach or abdomen. It is also helpful in getting relief from the pains that are caused due to some respiration & digestive problems.

  • Hot water Bath: Want to feel right & sleep tight? Here is a solution – Our super tonic Anise star Oil. Fresh, sweet & strong oil can be added to the lukewarm water. Adding this oil to the water is like icing on the Cake. Sprinkle a few drops of this oil into the water and mix it gently. This water bath helps you to achieve a light & happy mood. It helps to ease stress and relaxes the mind & body. Moreover, It is beneficial for the skin and helps to treat several skin issues.

  • Diffuser: The Strong yet sweet aroma of this oil is perfect to add to chilly windy nights. It is a Fantastic Choice to diffuse this oil around your territories. Along with several health benefits. This Oil is perfect to enhance the mood. The enriched formula of this oil adds warmth and makes the environment cozier. When diffused it kills the bacteria in the air and its soothing effect helps you to sleep well.

  • Cleaning & Sanitization: The anti-bacterial & disinfectant properties of the Anise star Oil makes it a perfect Cleaner for the House. Do not hassle to clean your house, Just add a few drops in the water & spray it on the top of the equipment. It cleans out them & sanitizes too. It helps to clean the dust & dirt & helps to kill the germs.

  • Take up arms against Viral Infections: It is a great product that works as an Immunity Booster. Shikimic acid in it, raises the immunity to fight against viral Infections & flu. It contains Antiviral, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial & Antimicrobial properties which makes it the perfect product to combat skin infections. It also helps to fight against fungal infection in the mouth, throat & skin. Its antibacterial properties of it help to kill the bacteria which cause Urinary tract infections and hence lead to healthy Urinary function.

  • Skin Friendly: What does Healthy skin refer to?- A skin that is free from any kind of Infection, dryness, Cuts, rashes, irritation, Bruises & inflammation. A skin that is smooth, flawless & gentle. This oil is a perfect blend of all the components that helps to make skin healthy & fresh. It is a skin-friendly oil that helps to provide relief from any kind of infection and any kind of mistreatment. To achieve healthy & smooth skin, just go with the Anise star Oil of Kirva Organics and make yourself healthy & attractive.

  • Healthy Hair: Add Charm to your Hair with our super special Anise star oil. This is a perfect Oil that you can massage onto your Scalp, But do not forget to mix it with any carrier Oil or Hair Oil of your Choice, Just add a few drops of this oil into it and massage thoroughly on the head & scalp. It works wonder on your Hair. It helps to nourish the scalp and hence refrains dryness, It helps to make the hair roots strong and boost hair growth. Thus it promotes scalp health & reduces the split ends. It also works as an anti-lice oil. Thus curing the problems of the scalp leads to having healthy, shiny & beautiful hair.

  • Treats Respiratory disorders: If you are suffering from any Respiratory or breathing problem, like Cough, Congestion Asthma, Bronchitis, or any kind of problem in nasal passages. You can always use this oil to get relief from such conditions. It can be diffused in the air or can be inhaled directly. It soothes nasal passage and promotes smooth respiration. The warming effect of this oil helps to open the stiff nose by passing the excessive mucus & loosening the phlegm. Clearing the nasal pathways leads to healthy respiration. 

  • Deals with Women’s Health Issues: The foremost issue that every woman suffers is pain during menstruation. Menstruation may lead to health deterioration, It causes pain in the abdomens & lowers Back, Abdominal cramps, headaches, Mood swings, etc. When massaged, This oil helps to release estrogen in the body which helps to calm the effects of Menstruation, It also helps to reduce the symptoms of Menopause. It also has a content of Lactic acid, which promotes lactation in the mother and helps produce milk in the mammary glands.

  • Aids Digestion: Anise Star- A Great oil that provides aid to indigestion. Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a few drops of Anise star Oil. This solution helps to relieve intestinal aches. It helps in eliminating the excessive gas in the body and thus helps in reducing the bloating in the body and also works as an aid against constipation.

  • Treats Neurological Disorders: It contains such components that help to calm the nerve cells. The Sedative, Antispasmodic & Narcotics properties help relieve the body from any kind of breathing & nervine issues. These components regulate blood circulation and help in making the person relaxed. By regulating the body's reactions it helps to cure Epilepsy. It is an effective remedy for a person suffering from Epilepsy attacks or Hysterical attacks. It stimulates the nerve cells, calms the mind, and helps to reduce the intensity of such attacks.

  • Affects Joints & Muscles: This oil is a proven medication for Joint & muscle pain. Massage using this oil on the affected area helps to regulate the blood circulation in the body and thus helps to relieve the pain from the Joints. It is also effective in the treatment of serious joint problems like Arthritis, Rheumatism.

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