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Botanical Name :Ferula Asafoetida
Plant Part :Resin
Country of Origin :India
Blends Well With :Garlic, Onion, Basil, Bay, Caraway, and Cardamom
Color & Odor :Rich Sweet Floral musky
Method of Extraction :Steam Distillation
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Asafoetida is a dried latex that is obtained from the tap root of various species of plants called Ferula & Perennial herbs. Asafoetida is a resin-like gum that is present in the roots of the Ferula Plant. These are 1 meter to 1.5 meters in height. Asafoetida is a small plant that grows wildly in India but is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, particularly in Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iran. In India, It is grown in some parts of Punjab & Kashmir. Asafoetida Essential Oil is obtained by the process of Steam Distillation.

The word Asafoetida comes from two different words. The Word “Asa “ is a Farsi word that means Resin, whereas Foetida comes from the Latin Word Fetidus which means a strong smell. Thus, It is called Asafoetida. Its botanical name is Ferula asafetida. It is also known as Food of Gods, Narthex Oil, and Hing Oil. This Oil has twelve compounds in it. It contains Carbohydrates, Proteins, Minerals & Calcium substances. This Essential Oil has a thin consistency. It has a powerful,  Pungent & sulfurous aroma. Asafoetida popularly known as “Hing” is a famous Spice with a Pungent aroma that has been used in Indian Recipes for years.

It is a popular spice that has been used in Indian & Iranian cuisine. Asafoetida Essential Oil is a wonderful oil that can be used as a flavoring agent in the Culinary industry. It works as a flavor enhancer and thus can be added to several Indian Dishes like curries, Pickles, etc. It is helpful for various intestinal issues as it has carminative properties. It contains the properties of thinning the blood and thus proves to be a blood purifier. It has a strong pungent aroma which gives intense flavor when added as a flavoring agent in various food items.

It contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-microbial properties which help in lowering sugar & maintaining Blood pressure levels. It has several remedial properties. It is good for treating asthma & improves brain Health. It is helpful in curing Cough, Cold &various digestive problems like indigestion, constipation, and bloating and it also helps in relieving cramps. It has been used in folk medicines & in cooking for centuries. It has been used in Ancient History as a healing agent in treating numerous health problems.


  • Perfumery Industry:  This oil is used in the perfume and fragrance industry. Its strong, pungent aroma adds depth and complexity to fragrance compositions. It is often used as a base note or fixative in perfumes, helping to enhance the longevity of the fragrance.

  • Culinary Industry: It is used as a flavouring agent in the culinary industry. It adds a distinctive savoury and onion-like flavour to various dishes, particularly in Indian cuisine. It is commonly used in vegetarian and lentil-based dishes to enhance the taste and aroma.

  • Aromatherapy: It is considered to be an effective oil for aroma therapies. It has been used for centuries in Aromatherapy. The strong & sensational aroma of the oil gives reviving energy and makes the mind & body relaxed. It calms down the nerves & also eases the tension, and anxiety & reduces depression.

  • Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine Industry: It is employed in herbal and Ayurvedic medicine for its potential health benefits. It is believed to have digestive, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, and is incorporated into various herbal preparations and Ayurvedic remedies.

  • Personal Care Industry: This oil is utilized in the personal care industry to add a unique scent to products. It is found in soaps, lotions, creams, and many other personal care products.

  • Natural and Organic Products Industry: Businesses focusing on natural and organic products may incorporate this oil into their offerings. It aligns with the demand for natural ingredients and is featured in various products like skincare items, natural remedies, and organic culinary ingredients.


  • Add a strong blast of flavours to your meals: Incorporate this oil into your daily cooking to add flavour to your meals. It is commonly used in Indian cuisine and can enhance the taste of curries, lentil dishes, and vegetable preparations. Remember to use it sparingly due to its strong flavour.

  • Make a personal natural perfume: Use this amazing oil as a natural perfume to add a unique scent to your daily routine. Combine it with other essential oils of your choice, such as floral or citrus oils, to create a unique homemade perfume. Dilute the essential oil blend in a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or alcohol-based perfume base, and store it in a roller bottle or spray bottle for easy application. Apply it to your pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, or behind the ears to provide a long-lasting and exotic fragrance.

  • Remedy for digestive disturbance: Create a DIY digestive blend by combining this oil with other digestive-friendly essential oils like peppermint, ginger, or fennel. Dilute a few drops of each essential oil in a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, and use it for abdominal massages to support digestion.

  • Cure your respiratory issues: If you have respiratory issues, this oil can be used daily to support your respiratory system. Inhale the aroma directly from the bottle or add a few drops to a bowl of hot water for steam inhalation. This can help alleviate congestion and promote clearer breathing. Moreover, you can make a homemade chest rub to provide relief from respiratory congestion. To make it, mix this oil with eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil, and blend it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. Apply the mixture to the chest and throat area for soothing and respiratory support.

  • Make a room spray for a grounding ambience: Create a calming room spray by using this aromatic oil. Take Asafoetida oil, lavender or chamomile essential oil. Mix all the chosen oils and add them to a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well before use and spritz it around your living space to create a relaxing and grounding atmosphere.

  • Use it to even out the skin: Our Asafoetida Oil is an amazing product that you can add to your skincare. It comes with anti-ageing properties. Using it regularly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, Open pores & age spots. It improves the appearance of wrinkles, provides elasticity to the skin & gives a youthful firmness. Asafoetida Oil contains whitening agents. Regular application of this oil diminishes dark spots, patches, dullness & acne marks on the skin. Use our Pure Asafoetida Oil and Flaunt your flawless, blemishes-free & youthful skin. It gives radiance to the skin & provides a relentless glow.

  • Use it to repel the insects: The Insects & pests trouble & invade our Homes. This oil can be used in making candles that work as an Insects Repellent. It has a strong pungent smell, which works great for the human body but not in the case of pests & insects. We can avoid their entry into our territory as they reject such smell.

  • An effective pain reliever: It gives favourable effects in case of Muscles tension. It reduces Muscles pain, inflammation, soreness, and swelling in Joints & muscles. It is considered the best remedy for muscle strain & contractions.

  • Metabolism Booster: It aids in healthy bowel movement, which ultimately helps in indigestion. It proves to be a great armour in improving digestive health as it flushes out harmful toxins from the body. It maintains the pH level of the stomach & helps in treating stomach aches.

  • Relieves menstrual cramps: It eases the pain during the menstruation cycle. It can be applied on the lower Abdomen & lower waist to reduce extreme menstrual cramps.

  • Offers round-the-clock protection to hair: Extremely Hot & Cold Climates, Pollution & stress badly effects skin & hair. Frequent exposure to the Sun & winds damages the Hair & leaves hair Dry & frizzy. This oil works magically on the hair as it repairs damaged & dull hair provides nourishment to the hair follicles, and makes them longer & stronger.

  • No more bacterial infections: It does not only protect the skin & hair but also cures skin allergies & protects from harmful bacteria & viruses. It contains antibiotic, antiseptic & and viral properties. Using it in a diffuser or an inhaler helps to keep bacteria & viruses away from the body. It hampers the growth of the dangerous Virus H1N1 & helps in protecting the body from Viral infection &attacks.

  • Kicks stress makes you emotionally intact: This oil for its calming and grounding effects. It may help reduce stress, anxiety, and nervousness, promoting a sense of relaxation and emotional well-being.

  • Addresses respiratory issues: This oil has expectorant properties, which can help to promote the expulsion of mucus and relieve respiratory congestion. It may provide relief from coughs, bronchitis, and asthma symptoms.

  • Imparts aphrodisiac effects: This oil has been traditionally considered an aphrodisiac. So it is believed to stimulate libido and enhance sexual desire. It may be used to support sexual health and intimacy.

  • Nowadays, Asafoetida is growing wildly in India. But It has actually come to India from Afghanistan. Use of It is mentioned in Hindu & Buddhist Scriptures.

  • It is called the “Food of Gods” and hence it has been used in preparing Holy Foods instead of using Onion & Garlic.

  • It is added in making Fine & top quality perfumes but with skillful manipulations in it along with other required agents.

As with all essential oils, they should not be used during pregnancy and never ingested (taken internally) and should be kept away from children and pets.

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