Absolute Oils are obtained mainly from plants, and they are highly concentrated oils. Though they are similar to essential oils, the process from which they are extracted is complex and requires much effort. Therefore, it is difficult to find absolute oils in the market as compared to essential oils. Floral absolute oils are extracted from the different parts of flowers, and most of the oil is obtained from the petals. Though they are widely used in perfumery, these floral oils boost your skin health and prove to be beneficial for your overall health and wellness too!

Kirva Organics India is a pioneer in India when it comes to offering pure absolute oils. Our floral absolutes can be used as an aphrodisiac. They prove beneficial for treating several skin issues due to their anti-inflammatory, astringent, fungicidal, and other therapeutic properties. Aromatherapists widely prefer our absolute organic oils due to their antidepressant properties that soothe your negative feelings and boost mental health. Order our absolute floral oils today and experience a good change in your lifestyle!